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Rethinking The Colorful Classroom

Recent research has taken an interest in the ways colors can have an impact on children's learning and emotions. A child’s learning environment alone could inspire great tranquility or, on the opposite spectrum, deep overwhelm. Overly bold and cluttered classrooms, both in terms of color and use of space, often render a child distracted and over-stimulated. Our goal for early childhood, inspired by the principles of the Reggio Emilia approach to education, is to foster a sense of curiosity through self-efficacy, focused observation, and flexible experimentation. At our preschool, we thoughtfully choose colors and textures that provide a calm, focused environment to nurture our children’s creativity, growth and learning.

All Neshama Preschool classrooms utilize neutral tones. When you walk into any one of our rooms you will find that your sense of calm and awe is supported by the surrounding natural elements that we incorporate into our spaces. Wood, tones of white, beige, and tan along with thriving plants, locally found branches, and tree stumps all contribute to the welcome our students experience. The distracting bright primary colors of our childhoods won’t be found on our Brooklyn campuses.

Here is a visual to express the difference between what our progressive Reggio Emilia-inspired classrooms look like and what a standard classroom typically looks like.

Imagine yourself as a toddler, or a child new to Pre-K, in which space would you be able to have better focus? Where would your mind be open to learning? What does your home, the place you relax at the end of a long day, look more like?

Reggio classrooms have soft soothing natural colors. The elements of light, transparency and natural materials are strongly valued. You will not find commercial posters and plastic furniture. Reggio classrooms open the mind, facilitate learning, and encourage children to have higher level learning experiences.

Neshama Preschool, a Reggio Emilia-inspired school environment, is beautifully designed to promote a sense of joy, peace, magic, and well-being and inspires curiosity, wonder, and passion for learning.

Learn more about our classroom design style here.


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