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Neshama Preschool

482 Brook Ave

Passaic, NJ 07055

Welcome to Neshama Preschool, serving the Passaic and Clifton neighborhoods. Under the leadership of Mrs. Malki Hurwitz, our warm and loving Passaic campus provides exceptional care for children ages 6 weeks to five years old, with extended hours from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm. 

We take pride in offering a Reggio-inspired curriculum that combines Montessori elements and embraces nature while encouraging a deep connection with the world around us. We seamlessly integrate Jewish values and traditions into our program. From the joy of Challah baking and Shabbas parties to engaging activities such as baking matzah for Pesach, a mock wedding to explore the Parshah, shaping Aleph Beis with wooden sticks, and a live petting zoo to discover the Shofar, we prioritize creating enriching and hands-on learning experiences for our students that truly fosters lifelong learners. 

Join us - where education, care, and values harmoniously come together to provide a nurturing and enriching environment for your child.

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Contact Info

482 Brook Ave

Passaic, NJ 07055

Phone/ whatsapp/ text: 

(718) 724- 4316 / (718) 946 9833


At our Passaic campus, families send in food for their children's meals. 

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What Parents Are Saying:

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have our child enrolled at Neshama Preschool! We are genuinely amazed by the love, dedication, and warmth that the morahs shower upon him daily. The way they strike a balance between nurturing his developmental milestones and instilling a love for Torah and mitzvos is truly remarkable. We are so grateful to be a part of the Neshama Preschool family! 

Avi and Elka Epstein

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Neshama Preschool is truly a home away from home for our Daniel. He loves going to school each day, loves his morahs, and learns so much! It is so amazing to have a place to leave our child during the day where he is cared for with so much warmth and devotion. We couldn't be happier!

— Moshe and Miriam Horowitz


We are thrilled to have joined Neshama Preschool! So much love, devotion, creativity, and learning goes into every activity and minute of the day. We are continually impressed and appreciative of the high-quality Jewish education our daughter is receiving. The environment is warm, fun, and interactive. Thank you Morahs!

— Eytan and Devora Scher

We are so thrilled with Neshama Pre-School. The teachers are incredibly warm and the kids are always learning, growing, playing and simply enjoying each and every day.  Often, when I pick up my son after a full day, he doesn’t want to leave!! The quality of this program is far superior to anything we’ve ever experienced and we are so happy to be a part of the neshama family!

Srully and Rivky Rubin


Neshama Preschool is a really incredible school. The love and support from the morahs is beyond compare. We love witnessing Aaron flourish in such a nurturing environment and we are so grateful for the warm and welcoming atmosphere that Neshama provides. The high level of care and cleanliness is so much noticed and appreciated.

Thank you Neshama, for taking such great care of our kids!

Yifat and Dovi Finkelstein


We are so impressed with Neshama Preschool! My son happily runs inside every day. Apart from the spotless and beautifully decorated classrooms, the activities are so enriching and creative and all the teachers are so warm and caring. We love it here!

Miriam Israel

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Neshama Preschool has transformed our children in ways great and small. In addition to providing a beautiful physical environment with brand-new color-coordinated toys and spaces, it is extremely clean and well-maintained. The space gives off a positive vibe. Additionally and more importantly, it provides a top-notch education and also has a very warm staff that is attentive to every detail. My daughter Ayelet is eager to learn and reluctant to leave every day. I receive a daily set of photos which allows me to see how she’s doing but also clearly explains the curriculum segments so that I can reinforce them at home. The city of Passaic is lucky that Neshama Preschool moved into town! Thank you!

— Ellie Levi

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