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Parents and child blow out birthday candles at Neshama Preschool



A happy girl at her birthday party at Neshama Preschool
A fruitcake at a Neshama Preschool birthday party
Birthday Celebrations


Birthdays are a special occasion at Neshama Preschool! When your child's birthday is approaching, please be in touch with your child's teacher at least two weeks in advance to select a date and time that is accommodating for parents and the classroom schedule. In order to keep the healthy eating habits that Neshama provides for our students, we choose to celebrate with a fruit cake as opposed to the traditional confectionery treats. In keeping with our process-oriented environment, the friends and teachers will create a fruit birthday cake for their classmate. We ask that fruit be brought into school one day prior to your child's birthday celebration. You may bring in party supplies for your child's party, such as tablecloths, paper goods, birthday candles, etc. It is customary for the birthday child to present a gift for the class from his/her classroom wish list in honor of their special day. These birthday gifts have always been especially treasured in the classroom and bring such pride to the children in whose honor they were purchased!


Each class has their own Amazon wish list.
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