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Kids play in a pool at Neshama Preschool's Kiddie Camp



Neshama Kiddie Camp


Neshama Kiddie Camp is a carefully and thoughtfully constructed camp designed to provide preschoolers with a phenomenal camp experience filled with fun and adventure, while meeting the needs of children ages 2 – 6 years. We provide a high-quality program under the guidance of caring and professional educators who work in our preschool throughout the year.


The kiddie campers enjoy a variety of exciting activities such as water play, culinary, science, soccer, yoga, guitar, art, drama, carnival and dress up days, mock wedding, challah baking, organic gardening, moon bounces, sensory exploration.. and oh... so much more! Our camp is enhanced with weekly special entertainers such as pony rides, petting zoo, magic and clown shows, bubble and reptile shows, to name a few.


Each summer, a specific theme is chosen as an inspiration to the learning and discovery that will take place at kiddie camp.


To learn more, please email us for a full detailed schedule at

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